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Studio Suite

Soft yet lively fabrics dress the cozy geometrics of the spaces that stand out from the modern furnishings and antique elements;
45 Sq m: one bedroom, kitchen with a living area and a bathroom. Some of the apartments have an outdoor space.

Executive Suite

The meandering environments of these apartments cast before your eyes an exuberant dance between the ancient hand-painted ceilings and the shapes that nature has drawn on the marble floor;
60 Sq m a living area, one bedroom, kitchen with living area, a bathroom. Some  of the apartments have outdoor spaces.

Deluxe Suite

Original stone portals adorn the entrance to the bedrooms, contemporary sofas observe ancient marble columns; nature shines in the harmony of the material. 
65-80 Sq m : a  living room, kitchen, bedroom and two bathrooms.

Deluxe Suite Family

The scent of antique wood blends beautifully with the bold marble of the living room, the bright colours of the fabrics gently reclining on the furnishings; synergies with the elements.
80 Sq m, living room with dining area, kitchen with living area, two bedrooms, two bathrooms.

Royal Suite

The grandeur of the spaces enhances the purity of nature, in a perfect combination of classicism and design, which harmonises beauty, and restores the balance of the senses.
100-130 Sq m, double living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, three bathrooms, some apartments have outdoor spaces.