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Equipped with the most modern comforts to satisfy any and every need, the apartments in the Palazzo delle Pietre offer a refined, timeless atmosphere that brings together original elements from ancient times with contemporary design.

Eight prestigious apartments, surrounded by the timeless allure of Rome

Like a journey through Rome’s past and present in a property that offers the utmost in hospitality. The eight apartments bear witness to the historical origins of the lovingly restored 15th Century building, where pieces of ancient sculptures and precious marble – the stones that inspired the residence’s name – are mixed with sophisticated furnishings from contemporary masters.

Soft fabrics are used in this space, bringing elegance to life, where wood, stone, and marble are combined with a vibrant colour palette bathed in natural light.
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Comfort Apartment
Beautiful spaces with a timeless charm feature exquisite interplay between the ancient hand-painted ceilings and the veining in the marble flooring.
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Superior Apartment
Nature shines through in the harmony of Rome’s glorious past, magnificent stone portals and ancient marble columns.
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Prestige Apartment
Apartments with captivating contrasts that combine the scent of ancient wood with the natural elegance of marble. Brightly coloured fabrics are used for the furnishings, in a harmonious interplay of details.
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Penthouse Apartment
Exclusive apartments with large, delightful spaces, boasting a delicate combination of understated classicism and contemporary design. These timeless spaces are perfect for regaining a sense of inner balance.
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