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Eight prestigious apartments in Via delle Coppelle, perfect for an excellent stay

A historic home in the centre of the Eternal City

Set among the elegant buildings of the historic centre of Rome, Palazzo delle Pietre boasts a rare timeless charm that brings together the glorious past with the present. Located just steps from some of the most famous sites of the city, such as the iconic Pantheon and the church of San Luigi dei Francesi with a series of paintings by Caravaggio, the residence allows guests to get that authentic Roman feel with the romance of the famous Dolce Vita. Via delle Coppelle was already an important thoroughfare during the Imperial Age, and is a stone’s throw from Piazza Navona, and an ideal starting point for a tour of the capital.

Not far from Palazzo delle Pietre are the monuments, sites, and places that make a Roman holiday unique, and that’s not to mention the most exclusive shopping that is just a short walk away. At the same time, the old workshops, artisans, and antiques dealers that can be found one after the other in this corner of Rome highlight the ancient sense of community that existed in the Eternal City, which is alive and well today despite the arrival of modernity.

  • 10 minutes away   Fontana di Trevi
  • 13 minutes away   Piazza di Spagna
  • 10 minutes away   Campo dei Fiori
  • 26 minutes away   Il Colosseo
  • 12 minutes away   Piazza San Pietro


A palazzo where past meets present
At the nerve centre of the Eternal City, where the stately buildings run parallel with the purest essence of Roman history, Palazzo delle Pietre is perfectly positioned to benefit from the famous sites and glorious monuments.

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