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The Palazzo

An exquisite period residence in the heart of Rome

The ancient Palazzo in via delle Coppelle, built in the 15th Century, is a building that connects the past and present of the Eternal City, and creates an unforgettable experience with eight luxury apartments. Antique collections and inspired design shape the interiors, with ancient wooden doors and inlaid friezes, all enriched by the precious ancient stones donated by the person behind it all, Carlo Mazzi. Original materials meet contemporary vibrancy as shapes and colour come together, representing the soul of Rome.

14 July 2022
"...ognuno degli otto appartamenti a disposizione dei viaggiatori è curato in ogni dettaglio e arredato come fosse casa - una casa funzionale, elegante, di design, con arredi di De Padova e Alivar, ma decorata dalle opere d'arte e dalle «pietre» - i reperti archeologici - collezionati dall'ingegnere e dai suoi avi..."
04 February 2020
"...frammenti di sculture antiche, fregi intarsiati, capitelli e portali in travertino. Frutto di una passione ereditata dal bisnonno e coltivata da tempo..."
20 October 2019
"Located in via delle Coppelle, in the heart of Rome and just a stone’s throw from piazza Navona and the Pantheon, Palazzo delle Pietre is a fifteenth century building converted into a residence by the Mazzi family..."
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These ancient stones offer an escape from the unstoppable passing of time because they preserve the evidence of man’s work in the pursuit of beauty; art is a virtue that unites men and women from all over the world.

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