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A place where beauty becomes an experience for the senses

FraMmenti Club

Discovering Rome and its fascinating creative and cultural soul becomes an experience for the senses at Palazzo delle Pietre. FraMmenti Club is an exclusive cultural meeting place in the Eternal City and the operational arm of a Benefit Company interested in culture, social issues, and the common good. The club offers members and guests a full program of literary, scientific, and artistic activities. Every guest desire is, with the FraMmenti Club, transformed into a unique and highly personalized adventure, to be experienced at the Palazzo delle Pietre during one’s stay. Let your curiosity lead the way for a truly engaging experience surrounded by the beauty of the capital.

What is FraMmenti Club?

A meeting place

Created as a way of reinventing the old idea of the “club” – FraMmenti Club is an opportunity for cultural stimulation, where the dynamics of the city come to life through the words and tales of experts from a variety of industries. Participants are strongly encouraged to take part in the discussion during these sessions that involve learning about and promoting the endless cultural beauty of the local area.

A cultural spot

FraMmenti Club wishes to offer the guests of Palazzo delle Pietre a fascinating series of events with an updated take on the old literary circles, with “lessons” held by professors and curators who truly capture the attention with exciting stories full of pathos, able to inspire a wide range of feelings.

A home of art

The Eternal City is, by nature, synonymous with art; an open-air extravaganza full of museums, galleries, palaces, and exhibition spaces where big international names appear alongside emerging talents and local personalities. FraMmenti puts the focus on painting, sculpture, and visual arts through a series of initiatives with artisans, gallery owners, and artists bringing their creative message to an ever-changing audience, in a location where art is appreciated in all of its forms.