A family’s dream in the heart of Rome

The project

Palazzo delle Pietre came out of a profound desire to bring together sentiments of love, tradition, and the Mazzi family passions in a magical, welcoming atmosphere, and to create a gateway for discovering the most characteristic and exclusive sights in Rome. Carlo, his wife Patrizia and their children Barbara and Luca bring their expertise and excellence in hospitality along with their devotion to every detail in each of the eight apartments. From their design and amenities to the experiences on offer, each element at Palazzo delle Pietre speaks to the love and care that the Mazzi family has put into this project in the heart of the Eternal City.

Carlo Mazzi
Passionate about antiques and classical Roman elements, Carlo Mazzi proudly retains his Arezzo accent and that playful humour typical of Tuscans. A tireless collector, Carlo is the one who chose the name Palazzo delle Pietre; the archaeological treasures which decorate the luxurious apartments come from the private family collection, creating the harmonious interplay between present and past, ancient, and contemporary.
Patrizia Albano
Patrizia Albano, a lawyer with Neapolitan roots, has transformed Palazzo delle Pietre into a refined, timeless Roman residence. Shapes, colours and inspirations interact seamlessly inside and outside, with Patrizia’s aesthetic a constant throughout each room and apartment.
Barbara Mazzi Pensieroso
Barbara was fully behind the family project from the beginning, contributing to the massive renovation that transformed Palazzo delle Pietre into a unique, historic Roman residence. She has the gift of hospitality, in the warmth of her welcome, caring nature, and attention to details, so to make each guest’s stay comfortable and unforgettable.
Luca Pensieroso
Born with Rome in his heart, Luca has spent many years living and working in Belgium at the University of Louvain La Neuve where he is a professor of macro-economics and history of economic rights, while still being focused on the Palazzo delle Pietre project. He never misses an opportunity to come to Via delle Coppelle, to revel in its spirit, make valuable suggestions, and reconnect with the Mazzi family dream.
Interview with Carlo Mazzi
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